Saturday, October 10, 2009

(1 of 3) Hi to all from the road! It's 2:30 pm the group 32 of us heading northeast on sulphur springs rd. @ 4 miles in. Great sendoff today at chillicothe!

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  1. Dear fellow walkers,

    I'm back home after our first walk yesterday, and I am already missing the softly growing energy of yesterday's walk. I could not camp last night with you but I could see in the sky the milky way spot that Brad was referring to in the morning. It was a wonderful feeling. Thank you all for making this beautiful experience happen and for making me feel home. I'll join you guys for the first sweatlodge. I hope you guys are having the spectacular day that we have here in Columbus today Suunday. Good luck and great walk again. (it would be great if youcould post images of the walk inthis blog)